The Semalt Islamabad Expert – What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In its simplest form, search engine optimization is the process of increasing the rank of your website to make it appear among the first few links in search engine return pages. You may be wondering why your website needs to rank high. This is an information age, and customers do online research before ordering any product or service. If your website appears among the first few links, then the chances are good that customers will click your link and eventually make his order from you more often.

Michael Brown, a top expert from Semalt, explains here how to achieve high search engine ranking for your site and also maintain it.

In a nutshell, SEO is aimed at getting your website to appear on the first search engine result page. This is because people usually don't get to the third page before taking a decision. However, depending on how competitive your niche is, it may be very expensive or affordable for you actually to get to page one. You may eventually get to the first page if you are patient enough and you also follow the principles outlined below.

Your content should be rich in relevant keywords

Search engines determine ranks of websites through the tool called spiders. This tool crawls the web in an automated manner. The frequency with which spiders crawl your website determines how high you will rank and the spiders rank you on how relevant your content is to your niche.

This is why it is important for you to know the keywords that your customers type on search engines. This will help you develop content around the keywords. For instance, if you offer legal services for injury victims, your prospective clients may be typing keywords like "injury attorney in South Florida". So your content should include all the possible keywords.

At this juncture, it is important to point out the fact that spiders cannot crawl text within an image. So, you should ensure that your keywords are not embedded in images. Now, that you understand the importance of relevant keywords, you might be wondering how to get all the relevant keywords for your niche. All you need is a free tool call Google AdWords keyword tool. This tool will help you identify all the keywords relevant to your niche. So, you need to ensure that all the keywords appear in your content and the metadata of your page.

Linking is important

The rank of your page is a number from 1 to 10 given to your website based on its outbound and inbound links. To improve your rank, make sure all your social media accounts are linked to your website. If your site is linked to by a high ranking site, it will bring the "link juice" to your site, thereby raising the rank of your website too. You can also try to get listed in free, trusted open directories and professional bodies associated with your niche because prospective customers may search through the directories too.

To determine the rank of your website, you may download a plugin like "PageRank Status". It works with Google Chrome browser. Knowing your rank will help you monitor your improvement.

Keep your content fresh

The rate at which search engine spiders crawl your webpages plays a prominent role in your ranking and it, in turn, depends on how fresh you keep your content. Each time you upload new content to your website, search engine spiders will come over to crawl your site. Besides, your visitors will also enjoy reading fresh content.

So, you should always keep your content fresh all the time. Remove old text, pictures/images, and videos and replace them with new and more interesting ones. You could set up a blog on your site and update the blog with fresh content every day or every week. Initially, it may be difficult, but it will become effortless when you get used to it.

To be up to date with current keywords relevant to your site, you can use Google Alerts. It will always update you on the keywords to develop your content around.

Keep your SEO techniques updated

The rules, principles, and algorithms for ranking are not static. They are dynamic, and they change very often, so you need to be up-to-date with the algorithms. For instance, before now, website ranking depended mostly on how you stuff your content with keywords. Now, there is a number of times a keyword is allowed to appear in content of a certain number of words. Otherwise, your content will be flagged as spam, and it will lower your rank.

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